Kids Sessions

Bold Action Studios is preparing to offer new types of pictures and gifting a few photo sessions to train our staff and update our website.  We are looking for a group of 15-25 kids ages 4-17 to participate in a photo session.   This could be a group of friends, a club, school or any other type of group that would enjoy some fun, high quality images.  The more diverse in age, interest and ethnicity the better!  These sessions are designed to highlight your child's personality and kids are encouraged to wear their favorite clothes, bring their favorite items and have fun.  

    You will receive your favorite image from the session in a digital file that you can print or share with friends and family.    (prints and other files will be available for purchase but there is absolutely no obligation and there will be no "sales") 


  • Session needs to take place between May 7th and May 25th.   Later dates may be available depending on the situation
  • Sessions will last about 15 minutes per kid, but you may need to stay up to 45 minutes for different backgrounds. 
  • Shoot location TBD but will be in Santa Clarita or Valencia.  If you have a location we can shoot please indicate that in the comments section.   (garage, conference room etc..) 
  • Some individual sessions will be available - please apply below if you are interested. 

*All participants will need to have a signed model release.   Images will be used for Bold Action Media samples and marketing only. 

**** Images above are NOT our pictures but represent the style of these photography sessions.  We will use two bold colored backgrounds for this shoot.  

Contact with any questions.  

Contact Information
Name *
Please describe the age ranges in the group or family
If this is a group such as a school, team, club please describe
Where does this group meet or what city do you live in.
When is the best time for the group to get together or what is your family schedule like?
Location of photos is to be determined. Does the group get together in or have a location where photos could be taken? (Space needed: about 12 feet by 15 feet)

Thank you for your interest.  We will be in touch with you shortly.