Team & Individual Pictures

Sample Individual Picture

Sample Individual Picture

How does it work? 

  1. Sign your team up - there is no cost
  2. Send purchase link to parents and athletes.  Purchase any items you would like for the club. 
  3. Visit our booth during warm up days to have your pictures taken.  - Individual pictures will be taken in front of a screen and graphically put together as a team with the pool background.   You can come as a team, or athletes can come as its convenient. 

Individual pictures in digital format will be available for those that purchase these packages, during the Trials week for sharing on social media.

Purchased print packages will be shipped home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my team have to come all at once? Some athletes don't come later in the week.  Athletes can visit the booth at their convenience during warm up days.  A limited number of appointments will be available between sessions throughout the week.  

Does our team need to schedule a time to come?  Pictures will be taken first come first serve and take about 1.5 minutes per person.  If you are a large team and would like to schedule a time to come so you don't have to wait, you will be sent a link to do so when you signup. 

Does my team have to take a picture for me to get one?   No!  We offer packages for individuals and teams.  If your team is not interested in a picture, use the "purchase link" above and come by the booth to have your picture taken.  

My team is only 1   You and your coach can be a team or your can purchase an individual package

Why are pictures being put together graphically instead of taken on the deck?  By graphically creating the pictures we are able to include many elements of the trials pool and special lighting that would be impossible to capture in camera on warm up days.  We are also able to include athletes that arrive/depart at different times.   A limited number of pictures will be taken on deck during warm up days.  If you would like a traditional picture, indicate your interest on the signup form. 

Can we purchase the digital team picture?   Digital copies of the team picture are available in a package which includes a team picture for each person, the digital file and 4X5 foot banner or large print for the team.   Contact with the number of athletes & coaches for a quote and various purchase options. 

Will I be able to see the picture before I purchase?  No, pictures are only available by pre-purchasing, however it we guarantee your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not happy, we will provide you a refund.   If you pre-purchase a package and want more, you will be able to purchase additional items on our website.  

What should we wear?  This is up to you!  We encourage you to select one things and have all athletes in your picture wear the same thing.