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Team Pictures - Courtside Stingrays

We're looking forward to seeing the Courtside Stingrays!    Our no hassle picture days make it easy to get your picture taken and enjoy high quality prints and products.  Here are some details to make your day a success.  

Pre-Purchase Online Before Picture Day


We offer man high quality prints & products to enjoy and share with others. All team and individual purchases must be pre-ordered.    You may purchase online or onsite but we encourage you to purchase online.  

Sample Image

Picture Day!

Be sure to check for your groups scheduled time and arrive 10 minutes early.  Using cutting edge technology we will photograph each athlete individually and put them together in your team picture.    This means you can get in line for your picture as soon as you arrive and you can leave when you are done - you do not need to wait for your group. 

Wear your team suit, no googles or cap.  

If you would like a buddy picture, your buddy needs to be in line with you and have the buddy picture taken at the same time

Your pictures will be delivered to the team

within 3 weeks of picture day!